Monday, May 24, 2010

Great Things Are Afoot (The Great Motel Experiment)

I was just giving an end of the night visit to my motel's manager and in light of the following story I'm about to tell you, her words will make much sense. She said, as I said good night to her after our conversational, "you will see. In a little time you will be like one of the family!"

I some times feel it is a mistake that I don't journal every little thought that pops into my head. I wish could some how make sure to jot down every image or vision that pops up, but things happen so frequently and quickly that I often don't understand their import at the time. But I'm very positive that a few months back before I started the current life as a motel resident that I was telling myself I wanted to move to the city of Omaha. In fact, I can probably identify that it was as far back as maybe a few years ago when I download a particular gaming system for the gambling game of Roulette that I said to myself, "Self, it would be ideal if you lived in Omaha or Council Bluffs and could actually take advantage of this." But even more recent than that, I felt as if Omaha was in my future.

Yet more recent than that, while here at the motel, I picked up an Omaha paper just to be curious about the types of apartments that could be available to me there compared to those that are here in Lincoln for when I get myself to that stage in this current "game" I'm playing where I am finally ready and able to take up an apartment. And what I discovered was that apartments in Omaha are cheaper! Who knew?

Then one day I was talking to the motel manager/owner and she is telling me how many motels her and her husband own. And she tells me how her favorite one is the one in Omaha. So we are talking about Omaha and she tells me that everything is cheaper there (groceries and all that) and that's one of the reasons she likes it better. She tells me, "you should move to Omaha when you are ready to move, that's what you should do. You will have more fun there."

Jessica, that's her name, is a nice Hindu lady and she seems to enjoy acting like my mother at times, calling me on the motel phone and telling me to come get some dinner she cooked or letting me know that there are storm warnings and that if I have things to get down in town I should be sure to get home quickly.

One day, a little over a month ago she tells me that her motel has been sold but that they are just waiting for the buyer to get the loan. She says, "and you can move to Omaha with me!" I tell her congratulations but I was only half concerned with the news. I've seen buyers of places this large back out before. But then a few weeks later she tells me that the deal went through and there will be a new owner soon, so I say, "Oh I hope the new owner is as nice as you are to me." She says, "You can move to Omaha and stay with us there." But I happen to know that there are more amenities in her Omaha hotel and it is more expensive, and I tell her I can't afford that. She says, "no, we'll work it out. Don't worry." So I say, "You would give me the same rate as here?" She says, "Sure. Don't worry, we'll work something out."

I'm someone who doesn't usually accept promises. Especially when I feel things look too good to be true. I mean the motel in Omaha not only has the same benefits as here, but a swimming pool and a full gym as well. And living in Omaha itself would be amazing compared to the years I've spent here in dinky Lincoln.

Then Sunday Jessica invites me to go shopping with her. I don't have any money for shopping but told her I'd enjoy going for the ride. The fact is, I've had a slow couple of weeks at work and was afraid that on Tuesday I'd have to tell her I don't have any money to pay for my lodging and would need to ask her the favor of "working something out" much sooner. So what I'm actually planning to do at this time, the reason I want to "go along for the ride," is to make myself useful on her errand trip and discuss with her this eventuality of me "working something out." I'm starting to fee, you see, that my ability to maintain my budget at this rate is tenuous at best. So I'm doing everything on this trip to myself useful. Pushing the big giant push cart for her, picking up the items she's purchasing, caring things to her SUV, loading the SUV, unloading....etc... when she then says, "when we go to Omaha I want you to work in the office 3 or 4 hours a day. That way you won't have to pay for your room. So you can save your money, you will still be able to do the work you do. We will work the hours for you." I ask her when she thinks we will do this, and I think I heard her say "in a month."

Come to realize this morning, she probably said "end of month."

Because this morning her husband knocks on my door and says he wants to talk to me. He gives me a job interview real quickly and then tells me he wants me to work for him 3 or 4 hours a day doing the office and folding laundry (that's the job Jessica does, which other than maintenance and house keeping is the only job there is). He tells me he will have me wear a branded white shirt and I will have to remove my earrings. None of this is a problem! And he says he will return in a few days to pick me up and take me to Omaha!


I almost feel like a kid the night before going to Disney World!

Will I sleep tonight???

"you will see. In a little time you will be like one of the family!"

I kinda think I accidentally got myself adopted.


  1. Reading your entry got my day off to a better start.. I love hearing that love still exists in the world.. best wishes to you w/your new family:)

  2. I love this post and am happy to hear the good news! Yay!