Thursday, May 27, 2010

Furthermore... (The GME continues)

So maybe there's something to that vision of loading up a van from time to time and traveling from motel to motel - I just may not have been seeing it clearly.

This afternoon when I went to pay the bill and get my mail, Jessica asked me when I can get my license back. This was in response to me telling her that I'll be going downtown Saturday (walking)to pay child support and other things to do. You see, I don't have a driver's license because my support got behind - but that's all good now and I can get my license back any time I want, but I have to pay a $149 re-instatement fee to do so. So that's what I told her. To which she was happy, saying that yes once I'm in Omaha working for her husband and not paying rent, I can use the money I save to get that done. I said I need to use someone's vehicle - she said, yes, you will use our van. "And then some times we will need you to drive our employees places some times, and maybe if you want on some weekends I will send you to the motel in Freemont to mow the grass there." Some how I get the impression there will be other road trips too.

Oh, and about last night's worries. Yes. It came to naught really - although I can't be positive how far a test it could have been allowed to go to. I did manage to eek out one more night's payment, but then there's still the question of tomorrow - will someone call me tonight or tomorrow morning either via my website or BitWine and get readings? Because Keen doesn't pay immediately, work on that site isn't the what's needed now thing. But Jessica did not worry when I wasn't able to pay at "check out" time and had to wait a couple of hours. I's sure that as long as I am able to pay for the room she is happy to take my money, but I seriously doubt that if one or two days I had trouble accomplishing this she would throw away her plans to use me as a resource like she wishes.

I just wish the arrangement would happen sooner.

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