Thursday, July 1, 2010

Status Update

Previous to this week I was engaged in something I was calling "The Great Motel Experiment." Last December and January, the duplex I was renting seriously took some damage from ravaging rain. The landlord of the place was rather lazy, but very easy to get along with - and equally forgiving of me at times as I was with him. But at a certain point, enough was enough. The lack of upkeep he provided began to cost me in extreme utility bills and I told him so. I gave him 14 days notice to make certain repairs or I was leaving. And I left.. to go stay in a motel hoping I could make enough money to save for moving into an apartment.

But as I'm sure you would guess, the cost of living in a motel was all I could bear.

So now I am living at a friends apartment. Problem is, neither he nor his roommate have jobs. Pete, my best friend, has been unemployed for several years and is no longer collecting benefits. Howard, his best and childhood friend, has probably only worked a total of three years cumulative in his 42 years of life (not counting the odd jobs he performs for a little cash now and then). As it turns out, this month they don't have money for rent and their phone was shut off (good thing I have my own methods). These are all things the costs of which I will be able to relieve for them over a two month period (a little less than that actually) in order to get the situation so that it is caught up and no more of their bills will have to be late even if I am the only one paying them.

But I should imagine that will change.

But anyway... the great motel experiment died.

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